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The way our port, river waterway and maritime and operations are integrated is supported by years of experience and constant improvements that have been developed from exporting fruit and importing banana industry-related supplies. Nowadays, we offer new stakeholders all our capacity evidenced by suitable facilities, equipped with avant-garde technology, and a duly qualified team that is always prepared to provide an excellent service.

In CFS, logistic operations in terminals and container yards are managed through a software program, which controls all inventories, movements of containers and operation equipment. We use this software to manage the service from the planning stage, through the online control of operations, to the billing of orders according to resources used and terms agreed during negotiation.

Corporately, security is a priority and all of our actions are oriented towards making of it a guiding principle for our team and ensuring that our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure that supports the execution of operations that meet the standards generating peace of mind to all our customers.

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